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Fife Autokeys offer an independent auto locksmith service to both domestic and commercial customers throughout Fife and the surrounding areas. We able to enter the vast majority of car and van makes and models using non destructive entry techniques (NDE), leaving no sign of entry. We are a family run business with many years experience within the trade. In most cases we are able to give an accurate estimate over the phone after asking a few basic questions about the vehicle, otherwise you will be given a full quotation when the locksmith arrives.
For an emergency lock out service call: 07726 012 000.

We are not part of a franchise and we do not have a call out charge. Our main aim is to gain entry to your vehicle at an affordable price, without damaging your vehicle. Our locksmiths are able to gain entry to and supply new locks and keys for the following manufacturers: Audi, Chrysler, Citroen, Daewoo, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Lancia, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubushi, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Rover, Seat, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volvo, Volskwagen (VW).

Locked out of your vehicle.? Lost keys.?

If you're locked out of your vehicle and the keys are inside, or if you're lost your keys completely, Fife Autokeys are on hand and ready to come to your rescue. In the vast majority of cases our car locksmith engineers can be with you in under 60 minutes. Worried about the cost? We regularly check our prices against other auto locksmiths in the Central Scotland region, to ensure our rates are not just competitive today, but so they stay competitive. In the vast majority of cases (providing you know the make and model of your vehicle) Fife Autokeys can provide a fast and free estimate over the phone.

To find out how Fife Autokeys can help you with all your car locksmith needs call 07726 012 000 now.

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Bent, Broken or Snapped Car Keys

Snapped car and van keys are very common and a large part of Fife Autokeys's workload. If you have ever bent your key and tried to straighten it the chances are this has weakened your key with a hairline fracture which will eventually break at an inconvenient time. Fife Autokeys will normally be able to remove the broken key using locksmith methods and specialist key extraction tools. But success depends on the type of lock system and how much of the key is still in the lock. You should replace your car key before this happens to save time and money.

Replacement Car Keys:

Do you need replacement car keys? Whether you have lost your only key or just need a spare, we are able to offer a replacement car key service in Fife,and East Central Scotland. We are also able to repair broken car keys and replace lost transponder chips

Car key replacement service:

Lost your only key and don't know what to do? We can still produce replacement vehicle keys even when you have no keys at all! That's right, even without the original key! Some car manufacturers supply key number and immobiliser security codes which simplifies the process of replacing lost car keys. Car keys are our specialty and we are still able to produce new car keys even without this information. Our car key replacement service is available to the general public and motor trade.

How do we produce your replacement car keys?

We carry key blanks and transponder chips for most makes of vehicle, and our mobile vans are fully equipped with all the required machinery to cut your replacement car keys on site,often saving hundred of ££'s on towing costs and dealership charges.

Need a spare car key?

If you only have one key for your car we are able to produce duplicate keys. Depending on the type of transponder chip used we may able to make a direct copy of your coded car key. This type of car key replacement is produced utilising sophisticated equipment to copy the code onto a new transponder chip. Most new cars however, use an encrypted chip which cannot easily be copied. In this instance we are able to produce a new key and code it directly to your vehicle using diagnostic tools. Have you just bought a car with only one key? If you are considering buying or have just bought a new car that was sold with just one key, call us now to arrange for us to visit you and produce a duplicate.

Car Keys

A guide to car keys and remote controls Most modern car keys are three keys in one.
1. A mechanical key will release the steering lock
2. A coded 'electronic transponder chip' is read by the car when the key is inserted in the ignition
3. A remote control will unlock the doors and turn off the alarm
These keys are secure but are also expensive and time consuming to replace if lost or broken.

Transponder keys

transponder car key chip Electronic, coded transponder chips embedded in the plastic body of the key were introduced from 1995. The chip is passive, so it doesn't need a battery - the code is read when you turn the key in the ignition. • If the transponder chip is broken or missing, the engine won't start. • You will need to get specialist help from Fife Autokeys if you wish to replace your key. We will have to reprogram the immobiliser's control unit to recognise the new key code.

Master keys

Many early cars were supplied with a 'master key' (often red), which was not intended for normal use. We can use the master key to program a new or replacement key for the car. • Unfortunately, if you damage or lose the master key it could cost hundreds of pounds to replace. You may have to replace the complete engine management system costing more than £1,000. • Car manufacturers have virtually stopped using master keys. They now hold car-specific security information in a central database, which the dealer uses when reprogramming the car and a replacement key. • If you're buying a used car, check the handbook. Make sure you get all the keys including a master key if necessary.

Rolling codes

Early transponders used 'fixed codes' - the key sends exactly the same coded signal every time it's used. • Keys with 'rolling codes', which means the transponder code changes every time the key is used, were introduced from 1999 and are now very common. • These keys are extremely difficult to copy except with highly sophisticated and expensive equipment which we hold here at Fife Autokeys . They offer improved security but they're even more expensive to replace if lost. • Time and cost vary from manufacturer to manufacturer - expect to pay around £100 and wait up to three days for a replacement key. • The key might be even more expensive to replace if it includes a remote control for operating central locking and the alarm.

Remote controls

More that 90% of all new cars are now supplied with a remote control to unlock the doors and turn off the alarm. Very convenient, but not without their problems. • Some use infrared but most use a radio transmitter to send a coded signal to a receiver on the car. • The operating frequency (418Mhz or 433.92Mhz) is close to those used by MoD communication, radio amateurs and other common applications. • Interference can occur and in extreme cases the car can't be unlocked. • Modern cars are generally now much less likely to suffer from radio interference but the problem remains for older cars, particularly those built before 1995.

What if the remote control doesn't work?

1. Check the car battery is not flat.
2. If you suspect radio interference try using the remote control close to your vehicle.
3. In extreme cases, vehicles have had to be towed away from interference, so the remote can work.
4. Cars with remote central locking should have a bypass system using the normal metal key to unlock the doors without setting the alarm off. This 'auxiliary entry' system should be explained in the handbook.
5. Having said that, the handbook will probably be locked in the car when the remote fails - familiarise yourself with the procedure now.

Light Commercial Vehicles & Motorcycles.

Fife Autokeys also provide a wide range of locksmith services for light commercial vehicles (usually vans and small trucks) and a wide range of locksmith services for motorcycles. So no matter whether you're locked out of your van, or have a snapped key in the ignition barrel of your motorbike, call Fife Autokeys, we've got it covered! If emergency response is required, just let us know as soon as we answer the phone and we'll be with in you in a matter of minutes!

Popular Services Include:

  • Vehicle Lockouts
  • Snapped Key Extraction
  • Key Replacements
  • Transponder Key Programming
  • New Key Fobs
  • Ignition Barrel Repairs

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